• Amadú Madja Fofana

The best year to buy Guinea-Bissau Cashew nuts

In Guinea-Bissau, farmers in the region of Gabu, expect to sell over 160, 220 tons of cashew nuts in this years’ campaign.

According to the local farmers, this year's the cashews have flourished significantly, with an incomparable quality relative to other producers.

The farmers also reaffirmed that this will be one of the most competitive years as they have already seen a high interest from new investors. Forecasts indicate that an increase in cashew nuts investments will lead to a 35% improvement on working conditions, and an increase in the local processing of the cashew nuts, thus improving its attractiveness for investments and re-investments purposes.

During the interview, the landowners stated that, it was discussed at their previous meeting with the National Association of Farmers, that there would be a possibility of producing more than 160,220 tons of cashew nuts in one year, for this particular region and the results have so far exceeded the intial expectations.

According to the national authorities connected with Cashew production, the commission will determine a floor price and the Cashew Nuts Marketing Campaign, which will be announced within the next month.

By our local corespondent Amadú Madja Fofana

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