Risks of buying a property/land in Guine-Bissau

Updated: Mar 2

Alike anything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages.

There are several risks of buying land/properties in Guinea Bissau, without the accompaniment of an agent, and here we have a list of some examples:

You may find land or even houses in litigation, where two people own the same property . This leads to extreme conflicts and it often ends up in a win-loose situation.

There is a high risk of find adulterated documents that are not original or even legitimate.

The risks are greater when stolen property are sold, and in some cases people end up losing the land/house without pay or reimbursement.

Bearing in mind that every problem has its solution, it is always advisable to be protected against any risk. The best solution for these type of occurences, is to seek assistance from a real estate agent. You will benefit from the advantage of buying land/houses with the assistance of an expert's advice. Some of the benefits are:

The proposed properties will be genuine.

Our land/houses will be secured with legal and proven documentation, by which our agents will have of any information that may be useful to assist you towards your decision.

We understand that the process of acquiring a new property/ land can be stressful. Our agents are commited to covering the whole process, with a personalised approach and in the most effective and efficient manner, in order to minimize your stress and time.

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