• Amadú Madja Fofana

Potential Changes in Cashew Nut Prices In Guinea-Bissau

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

ANCA-GB Cashew National Agency of Guinea-Bissau is working in collaboration with its partners intervening in the cashew nut sector, the main exported product of the country, to seek a price floor for this year's Cashew Campaign.

According to the ANCA President of the Board of Directors, Mr Luis Olundo Mendes, a proposal will be submitted to the Guinean Government to be analyzed and at a date yet to be determined, it will announce the price floor for each kilo of cashew nuts, for the year 2020. Furthermore, Mr Olundo Mendes also reported that the country foresees an increase in local transformation of the byproduct, of up to thirty percent (30%) this year.

Amadú Madja Fofana. Rádio Nossa- Journalist and Communications Technician.


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