Residential Lettings

Our fully trained and experienced team have up to date training in professional lettings and management services. They will guide you through the technical process, regulations and legal obligations, that will affect you as a landlord, to provide you with the right programme tailored to your specific needs.

Our management services for landlords include the following:

Collection of rent on a regular specified date.

Landlords will receive monthly statements.

Quarterly inspections of the property to be carried out with a full report.

Emergency repair administration.

Landlords will be consulted on any jobs in excess of this figure.

We will obtain all required tenders.

Monitoring of repair expenditure and quality of work.

Inspection of a sample of repairs carried out by each contractor.

Quarterly property inspection and reporting to landlords.

Dealing with tenants on day-to-day queries.

On the day of vacation, we will attend the property with the landlord and provide a cursory check on the condition of the property

Deposits, if a month in advance, will be forwarded to FA&Co Luxury Security Account

Your Choice of Service

Tenant Finding


We find a tenant and give you a free valuation. You collect the rent and manage the property.

Rent Collection

We will find a suitable tenant and give you a free valuation. We also collect the rent and you manage the property.

Tenant Finding & Full Management

Our dedicated agents will also deal with items of maintenance and accounts for you. You have to do nothing other than giving instructions to the agent.

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