About Our Firm

Who We Are

We pride ourselves on delivering independent advisory services. Offering bespoke solutions to the wide-ranging needs for investors, expatriates and entrepreneurs who wish to pursue any business activity in Guinea-Bissau.

We invest in our clients for the long haul and understand that finding the right support during a transition period can be a challenge and that only a dedicated team through sheer perseverance and commitment can help them to meet their needs. We give our clients personal guidance from the very first stages and provide them with the essential resources and expert advice they need to turn their visions into a disruptive reality.

Our Mission & Values

Trust & Transparency

By being transparent about how we work and keeping our customers informed, we build strong relations and trust.

Commitment & Reliability

We make it a priority to work with our clients until they are fully satisfied and ensure that they can rely on us throughout the whole engagement period and beyond.

Diligence & Effectiveness

Our unique bespoke approach gives us the advantage of creating the most effective and efficient solutions thus enabling us to deliver the most outstanding results.

Our Team

Who We Are

Diana Mata

Founding Partner & Director

Sandra Carito


Diogenes Nunes Correia


Boaventura Djassi

Founding Partner

& Administrator


 288 Bishopsgate, Spitalfields, EC2M 4QP

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