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Our Soultions

You can choose from our range of services and build your own plan.

From hiring a consultant to guide through the several stages of keeping an effective and sustainable business in Guinea-Bissau, to making profitable and strategic investment decisions. With the addition of providing you with the essential information and guidelines to help you with any residency and citizenship issues.

Our approach, besides giving you a single point of contact, was created to ensure that we take care of all the details for you, by avoiding spending your most precious resource: your time.

Consulting Solutions

We understand the challenges and difficulties individuals and companies face when they decide to invest, start a new business and maintain sustainable growth in a new country.

Our team of consultants, specialised in  the fields of Human Resources, Business Management and Law, are here to guide you through all stages and to help you to guarantee your success.

Investment Solutions

Last year, we generated over $150M in investment projects. In cooperation with leading professionals, we offer attractive packages of financial incentives to welcome investors and entrepreneurs to invest and expand their business in Guinea-Bissau.

Bespoke Solutions

Our dedicated professionals will look into your personal requests, lifestyle, and expectations, and based on the information provided, they will assess how your life in Guinea-Bissau would be like and what your improved future can look like. With our trusted Legal & Tax partners, we will make sure that you, your business and your wealth are protected.

Our approach, besides giving you a single point of contact, was created to assure that we take care of all the details for you to minimize spending your most precious resource: YOUR TIME.

Our Standard Personalised Plans

A combination of four well elaboared plans to best accomodate your needs.

Private Membership Club

Our membership club will give you access to a wide range of trusted service providers in accordance with your needs.

We will assist you with getting simplest things done, such as renting a car or even finding suitable accommodation and you will also gain access to exclusive information that will help make your business trip in Guinea-Bissau even better.

Free Access to VIP Bar

Private Chauffeur

Exclusive Access to High ROI Projects

Luxury Food & Beverages

Live Music